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Welcome to Branon's West View Maples!
a little story about us

A family owned sugarhouse

The Branon Family, comprised of seven generations, has been sugaring for more than a century. Our methods of operation have changed throughout the years, from buckets and horses to pipelines and vacuums, but our products and commitment to tradition have remained the same.

All of our maple sap is gathered from Vermont maple trees on land we own or lease when the weather conditions are perfect in the early springtime – generally around February-April.  Water in the sap is then removed through a reverse osmosis process to concentrate the sugar and increase the efficiency of our boiling – it takes around 43 gallons of sap to make just one gallon of maple syrup!

The University of Vermont has an informative website with frequently asked questions about maple syrup if you’d like more information on the history and production techniques of our syrup.

We love having visitors at our sugarhouse when the sap is running – please feel free to come on by for our Maple Breakfast on Sunday mornings during the sugaring season!  All of the products for sale on this website are also available at the sugarhouse, so you can avoid shipping costs by purchasing there if you are in the neighborhood.  Of course we are also thrilled to ship our syrup out via UPS wherever you are and look forward to serving you through our virtual storefront here as well.

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Why choose our healthy products?
Highest Quality
Nothing comes close to our Maple Syrup from Vermont.
Better Than Sugar
Replacing refined sugar with pure, quality maple syrup is a smart decision.
100% Natural
Our Syrup contains no additives, preservatives, or artificial flavours.
Contains Vitamins and Minerals
Our Maple Syrup contains minerals, especially manganese and zinc.
Full of Antioxidants
Maple syrup contains many natural antioxidants which can benefit you in many ways.
Produced in Vermont
All of our maple sap is gathered from Vermont maple trees on land we own.
Produced in Vermont
Quality From Vermont
100% Natural
No Artificial Flavours
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Locally Owned
We love our clients
West View Maples sets the standard for maple in quality, Vermont Pure, certified-organic maple products. From tap to bottle to table, West View Maple over delivers a gourmet maple experience like no other.
Cheryl McCormick
I am a maple syrup addict, and this is the most DELICIOUS maple syrup I've ever had! The Branons Have the Highest quality Vermont Pure Syrups and for me they surpass any maple syrup product from Canada, Maine, New Hampshire, PA... etc. in quality, price and taste.
Robert Hayes
You don't always realize how good something is until you compare it to the pure organic version of a product. I liked Vermont Pure Maple syrup 100x more than any over the shelf “syrup product” you will know the difference on first taste. Tasting next to a supermarket brand was a revelation, This is darker, more complex, with hints of the right amount of sweetness. The supermarket brand is sweet, easy and broadly flavored, using the sugar to gain fans. Vermont Pure Maple Syrup from West View Maple is so superior, it's really is not fair to compare to other syrups on the market.
Melissa Dubois
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